Rules and regulations

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1. General rules for translation
2. Placing orders
3. Order execution
4. Receipt of orders
5. Payment for the order
6. The Client’s resignation from the order
7. Complaints and liability of the Office
8. Final provisions

February 2017


The core business of Biuro Tłumaczeń In-Translate (hereinafter referred to as the "Office") is the translation of ordinary and certified documents (the so-called sworn translations) and interpreting services (simultaneous and consecutive).

Translation services ordered by the Client in the Office are performed by qualified, professional translators who are obliged to observe the rules of diligence and professional ethics in their work and to adhere to generally accepted principles of the art of translation. The services provided by the Office are performed in accordance with these regulations and the price list included on our website:

1. General rules for translation

The following terms and conditions of cooperation are intended to provide you with the highest quality service and efficient service of our Office.

2. Placing orders

1. Orders for translation or interpreting services ("Orders") can be made by phone or in person during office hours, i.e. from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Orders can also be emailed 24 hours a day and will be handled during office hours.
2. Orders placed by 5 p.m. on a business day are accepted for execution on that day. Orders placed after this hour are considered as accepted on the next business day.
3. Documents for certified translation should be delivered to the Office in the original form, provided the Client is in possession of such a document. Otherwise, the translator will include a note in the translation stating that the translation was made from a copy.
4. An order is accepted for execution after the Client completes and signs the order form ("Order Form") provided by the Office.
5. An order may also be submitted without using the Order Form. In the event the Client made an order by e-mail, but did not receive the Order Form, the Order is deemed as accepted if the e-mail correspondence clearly indicates the Client’s intention to submit the Order and confirms the terms of its execution.
6. By signing the Order Form or by ordering a translation by e-mail, the Client agrees to the arrangements contained therein, and confirms that he/she has read these regulations and accepts them.
7. The execution time of the Order does not include the day of receipt and delivery of the translation by the Office, as well as Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

3. Order execution

The Office accepts Orders for the translation of ordinary (uncertified) and certified documents and interpreting.

Translation services

1. Ordinary written translations are usually settled on the basis of standard pages. A standard page contains 1600 characters including spaces (a character includes a letter, digit, symbol and punctuation mark). The final number of pages is rounded up to half a page.
2. The cost of verification of an ordinary translation submitted by the Client is 60% of the translation price.
3. Certified translations are settled on the basis of a standard page of a certified translation, i.e. 1125 characters including spaces. The final number of pages is rounded up to one page.
4. The following translation modes are available:
a) standard - up to 5 standard pages per day
b) express - up to 8 standard pages per day
c) super-express - more than 8 standard pages a day and
d) special
5. The cost of verification of a translation provided by the Client and its certification is 70% of the translation price.
6. The Office reserves the right to refuse to accept a text for verification.
7. If the Client expects the use of a particular vocabulary in the translation, he/she is obliged to provide a glossary along with the translation documents.

Interpreting services

1. The interpreter's working time is counted from the time he/she is requested and arrives to perform work until the time he/she is released from performing the service and includes all possible interruptions (e.g. meal breaks, breaks during the meeting, the time of travel of the translator with the Customer).
2. Ordering an interpretation within less than two working days before the date of translation may result in increased costs.
3. The unit of account of interpretation includes 4 hours of the interpreter’s work (the so-called block).
4. Each commenced block is accounted for as a whole (four-hour) block.
5. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to agree on a shorter unit of account.
6. In the case of outgoing translations, the Client shall cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals of the interpreter at the place of translation.
7. If required to travel or return on a day other than the date of translation, the Office reserves the right to charge a fee for the time spent by the interpreter on the journey.
8. The remuneration for the work of an interpreter on Saturdays and working days from 5 p.m. to 10 pm. is increased by 50% of the basic translation rate, and on holidays and at night , i.e. from 10.01 p.m. to 8 a.m. – by 100% of the basic translation rate.
9. Clients using the services of the Office are obliged not to contact the interpreter performing the order without the intermediation of the Office during a period of 12 months from the date of the last order.
10. The Client undertakes to provide materials enabling the interpreter to become acquainted with the subject matter of the order, two days before the date of interpretation at the latest.
11. In the case of organizing a larger group of interpreters, the terms and conditions of interpretation are agreed individually.
12. The Client undertakes to inform the Office about the course and duration of the interpretation service on the next working day after the end of the service at the latest.

4. Receipt of orders

1. Ordinary translations, prepared on the basis of the submitted Orders, are forwarded to the Client within the agreed deadline by e-mail. Certified translations are provided to the Client or to a person designated by him/her in paper form.
2. The time of receipt of a certified translation, if any, is the date on which the Order is ready for receipt at the Office. The Office shall not be liable for delays resulting from the extended travel time of a courier or any other person designated by the Client to receive the translation.
3. Certified translations are always delivered to the Client in the form of (1) one copy of the printout. The Client may order additional copies of the translation at an additional price.
4. In the case of reception of uncertified translations, the Office shall not be liable for delays resulting from the interruption of the operation of electronic mail. Furthermore, the Office shall not be liable for delayed delivery of the translation sent by e-mail within the agreed deadline, if the Client does not report failure to receive the translation by e-mail or telephone.

5. Payment for the order

1. The cost of the Order is determined on the basis of the applicable price list or separate arrangements.
2. Prices for non-standard documents are agreed individually for each order. Non-standard documents include, for example, translations from a foreign language into another foreign language, non-standard graphics in the document, graphs, diagrams, drawings, non-editable PowerPoint presentations, combination of oral and written translations in one order, etc.
3. In the case of documents delivered for translation which are difficult to read (e.g. handwritten, a blurred copy), the Office reserves the right to increase the translation price up to 30% of the basic translation rate.
4. Translations into a foreign language which, upon the Client’s request are verified by a native speaker (native speaker of the language), are made with a surcharge of 30% of the basic rate and on a separate date.
5. When translating specialized texts (e.g. from the field of medicine, computer science, standards, patents, technical texts that require specialized translators), a surcharge of up to 30% is added to the basic rate.
6. The surcharge for issuing an additional copy of a certified translation is 20% of the price of the translation. An additional copy of the translation can be ordered up to 7 calendar days after the translation has been submitted. After that time, an extra copy is treated as a duplicate (“odpis”) and subject to a fee of 50% of the translation price.
7. The gross amount to be paid is indicated in the Order Form and is valid. In the case of arrangements made by e-mail, without sending the Order Form, the amount confirmed by the Client in the e-mail correspondence shall be valid.
8. The Office issues VAT invoices on the day of completing the order or on the next business day with a 14-day payment period.
9. The Office reserves the right to receive a prepayment in the case of Clients who are making a first-time Order or Clients who have not regulated their obligations on time in the past. The amount of such prepayment is determined individually and can range from 20% to 100% of the value of the Order.

6. The Client’s resignation from the order

1. The Client has the right to cancel the Order after submission, subject to payment for the part of the Order that has already been executed (even if the translation has been made in full before the due date) and the reimbursement of other costs incurred by the Office until the Order is cancelled.
2. In the case described above, the Client receives the translation at the stage of implementation at the time of resignation.
3. Resignation from the services of an interpreter after he/she arrived at the agreed time and place of business does not relieve the Client of the obligation to incur the full cost of the service.
4. In the event of resignation of the Client from the interpreting service ordered prior to its commencement within less than one business day, the Client is obliged to pay the full amount of the remuneration as if the translation was performed. If the resignation occurs within less than two working days, but longer than one working day before the execution of the Order, the Client is obliged to pay 50% of the due remuneration.
5. In addition, in the case specified above, the Client agrees to return, on the basis of proof of purchase, non-refundable costs incurred by the Office in connection with the organization of the translation, such as the cost of a train ticket for the interpreter purchased in advance in order to obtain the lowest price, the costs of reservation of accommodation for the interpreter, etc.

7. Complaints and liability of the Office

1. The Client has the right to file a complaint concerning the provided service up to 7 working days after the service has been performed. After that date, the translation is deemed to have been accepted by the Client.
2. If the Client requests to submit the translation for acceptance before its final release, the Office shall not accept complaints in the above manner.
3. Complaints should be duly justified in order to be valid. The justification should include a detailed description of the objections and an indication of the errors made.
4. In the event of a justified complaint, the Office reserves the exclusive right to correct the translation being the subject of the complaint. The Office performs the correction free of charge. The deadline for executing the correction is agreed individually, taking into account the volume of translation and the number of changes.
5. Complaints only refer to translations preformed in standard mode (up to 5 pages per day) and express mode (up to 8 pages per day). We do not accept complaints for orders executed in a super-express mode (over 8 pages per day) and in special / night mode.
6. The submission of a complaint does not constitute grounds for refusal to pay for the translation. Also, it does not affect the amount of payment, however, the payment deadline shall be postponed and shall run from the date of submitting the corrected translation. 7. The financial liability of the Office shall be limited to the amount of net remuneration (excluding VAT) payable for the translation.
8. The Office is not responsible for material errors in the translation, which are the consequence of errors in the original text.
9. If the Client requests to submit the translation for acceptance prior to its final release, the Office shall not accept complaints.

8. Final provisions

1. The Office may undertake to perform services on terms other than those specified in these Regulations or the Price List. Such conditions are established on the basis of an individual agreement between the Office and the Client.
2. The Office reserves the right to make changes to these regulations. The current regulations are published on the website of the Office, indicating the date from which they are valid.
3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the applicable laws shall apply.